Friday, February 20, 2009

PS3: Resistance is Futile

Resistance: Fall of Man, a game title that was released shortly after the debut of Play Station 3, has won the hearts of myself and my closest friends. I consider myself to be a mild gamer at best--having had a hard time switching from the old fashion side-scrollers to the contemporary 360 world.

Yeah, I'm slow.

My Better Half and I got the PS3 for each other for Christmas. My main interest in the console was the Blue Ray feature--a la Dark Knight. But I would soon discover how socially engaging video gaming would be. Mortal Kombat vs DC captivated a number of friends at the onslaught of birthday gatherings that seemed to stack up in the winter months. I received Resistance: Fall of Man for my birthday, and wasn't sure how involved I'd get in it. At first the play seemed to be complicated, and progress proved next to impossible. But it was a matter of getting acclimated to the controls, and playing with friends to get through the game.

I haven't played through a game with the involvement of friends in years--spending hours at one another's homes to assist in progressing through the game. We beat the game (I suspect on easy mode) within a week, and though it was quite an achievement, we were hungry for more. The gameplay was intuitive, and there was a tasteful mixture of the historical and sci-fi elements in the story to keep you going. It was an addictive experience that the four of us hope to experience's a matter of finding the right game.

Resistance 2
didn't prove to be as enjoyable an experience--fortunately we rented it, and demanded an exchange at our local Blockbuster.

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