Saturday, December 11, 2010

Are You OK with Bow Replacing Sea Hawk?

As Teela and He-Man were destined to be love interests, I always thought that Bow and She-Ra would be the same. Bow was essentially the "Teela Equivalent" in the Princess of Power toyline - maybe that's why the writers at Filmation wished to avoid the predictable route by creating a non-figure character to fill the role.

Granted, both the He-Man and She-Ra shows spent most of their time avoiding the romance theme, but enough insinuation was done to solidify the idea that Teela was He-Man's love and Sea Hawk was She-Ra's. I always thought that was wrong - especially when Bow is listed as "She-Ra's Special Friend" in the toy line.

Now with Bow's bio being released for the MOTUC line, it seems more likely that he will finally take his place as Adora's official love interest - especially with the fact that Sea Hawk is unavailable to the MOTUC storyline with him being a Filmation-exclusive character.

How do you feel about this?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Takara Tomy Unicron is Exciting,

The following review, provided by, gives a relatively rave review of the new more G1 accurate 2010 release of Unicron. I agree with most of the points that this version of the Unicron mold (released previously in the Transformers: Armada line) is an improvement of its predecessor. But with the 3-figure price point, and the toy just being little more than a repaint with some new molding, I'm not going to rush and buy.

I will save my $$$ for when they release a Unicron that is perfectly spherical, like his "brother's" figure Primus. We know it's possible Takara/Hasbro. Give it to us! We'll buy it.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 hasn't been the greatest year for top-of-the-line blockbuster, popcorn flicks. Of course, everyone has an opinion like they have an asshole, so I'm sure there's room for disagreement. What's left for 2010 that MAY drive me to the theatre you ask? Let's see if the following titles catch your eye...

Resident Evil: After Life
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I
Chronicles of Narnia
Tron: Legacy.

2011's year promises to be a better one for movies. 2011's Summer Blockbuster season alone promises to be a spectacular one:
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Green Lantern
Transformers 3
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I
Captain America

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why "By the Power of Eternia"?
Adam says "By the Power of Grayskull" in the first episode of The New Adventures of He-Man. But by the second episode, the phrase is inexplicably dropped and replaced with "By the Power of Eternia".

The toy line's explanation is revealed in a mini comic, where the Power of Grayskull is channeled into Starship Eternia. But by that point in the comic, He-Man sheds his Adam persona. Obviously the mini comic continuity is NOT in sync with the cartoon...

There is thus no definitive answer for the cartoon series, as the Starship Eternia does not serve the same purpose as in the mini comic.

Here are my theories:

1) It's possible that in this future, Castle Grayskull no longer exists, and so the Power comes from the planet Eternia itself.

2) With the big focus in the previous toyline shifting to the Eternia playset (in the mini comics, I believe the playset was more powerful than Castle Grayskull - since in the mini comic "The Ultimate Battleground", the Eternia playset becomes more important than Grayskull), perhaps "By the Power of Eternia" refers to it.

3) This is a retroactive idea: Maybe "By the Power of Eternia" is the original summoning cry that was used before and during King Grayskull's claiming of the sword of He (this idea ties into the concept of the Power being a force created by, or existing within, the planet Eternia itself).

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who should have been Catra cohorts?
It has always been strange that Catra and Entrapta were the only villains in the She-Ra toy line. Is it because girls aren't allowed to be bad? Looking at that prototype video, and reading up on some of the characters on wikipedia has made me write this entry.

From the prototype video, it looks like Catra, Glimmer, Double Trouble and Castaspella (villainous Castaspella a precursor to Filmation Shadow Weaver?) were supposed to be the first wave of villains - leaving She-Ra, Bow, Angella and Frosta as the heroes. This makes more since, establishing both sides with an even number of characters.

So who do you think would be the heroes and villains for waves 2 & 3?

I go for this line up (some choices enfluenced by events in the show):

Wave 2
Peekablue - Villain
Sweet Bee - Villain (nemesis of Flutterina)
Entrapta - Villain
Flutterina - Hero
Mermista - Hero
Perfuma -Hero

Wave 3
Spinerella - Villain
Netossa - Hero (nemesis of Entrapta)

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Updated

I just updated my website, check it out:

It's been a long time coming...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Collecting: Double Trouble

Double Trouble is one of the She-Ra figures I collected in February. I always thought this character was interesting - BECAUSE of the fact that she was rarely used (she doesn't even appear in the cartoon series). Hopefully, she finds her way into the MOTUC series.

I consider Double Trouble to be the Zodac of the original She-Ra toyline. You see, Zodac was labeled as the "Evil Cosmic Enforcer" when he was first released, but his character would evolve over the years to be Neutral to Heroic - never evil. So the evil interpretation of the character was short-lived. Speculation on Zodac's allegiance-shifting points to Mattel wanting to balance out the number of evil figures to good ones (see the Wikipedia bio Though Double Trouble was labeled as good in the toy line, I consider her to be evil (her name and role as a spy help, as well as her original prototype color scheme) - Catra needs all the help she can get.

Here's my fleshed out bio for Double Trouble
(influenced by her Wikipedia entry):

Double Trouble was born as the princess of the Kingdom of Green Glade. She is cousin to Glimmer, and similar to Glimmer, was born with magical abilities. Double has the ability to make a magical duplicate of herself. Before she explored the extent of her own powers, she witnessed her cousin Glimmer's growing abilities and became jealous. She sought out a way to increase her abilities. She ventured to Mystacor for the guidance of Castaspella, only to be told to "be patient". She was soon approached by dark Horde magicians, who promised her exactly what she sought.

Through Horde magic, Double's powers were augmented, allowing her to cast powerful mirror-like illusions, and change her appearance to look like anything she could think of. There, however was a side affect: Double could still split herself into two entities, but her personality was split between the two. One entity polarized into the inherently good-natured persona (Green Double Trouble with blonde hair), the other was inherently evil (Blue and Purple Double Trouble with black hair - prototype colors). Because of the Horde magic, the evil Double Trouble was the more powerful portion, and could force the good portion to merge into one at will.

Double Trouble is most powerful when merged into one entity. With the evil portion in command, Double willing serves the Horde. But if the evil portion experiences physical trauma, or becomes incapacitated, the good portion can "split" off and escape (and work with the Rebellion), or take control of the one body. Both portions of Double's personality are eternally struggling to control the one form - which is when they are at their most powerful.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Entertainment: Finished watching The NEW ADVENTURES OF HE-MAN

I finished watching THE NEW ADVENTURES OF HE-MAN (NA) this week. The series contained 65 episodes, most of which were written by series creator Jack Olesker. NA was quite a departure from the original HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE cartoon series in just about every way - new animation and design style, new characters, new voices, a more cohesive story line... Now, keep in mind, this is a show that was created for kids to promote toys, so to be a 30-something criticizing the quality of the show could be questionable.

HOWEVER, there have been cartoon series over the years that have not sacrificed story and character development for the sake of keeping it dumbed-down for the kids, and just selling toys. BEAST WARS and BEAST MACHINES, the Beast Era Transformers cartoon series, were successful in attracting adult collectors and new kids alike...

But we're talking about the late 80s here, and NA came at a time when something new was happening to all those great 80s toy franchises that sprung up and created a marketing phenomenon- the nececessity to recreate the toy lines for a new generation of kids.

This was the challenge presented to the creators of the NA toyline - bring in a new generation of kids. What they DIDN'T consider was that: just because there was a need to draw in a new target audience didn't mean that the original target audience had to be sacrificed. NA was launched only 2-3 years after the original He-Man line was ended...not necessarily long enough for the fans/collectors to grieve and completely move on. Action figures are made for Ages 4+ Boys, so if you're 12-15 you don't necessarily fit in this bracket. What was later discovered was there were kids going well into their 20s and 30s that were still ravenous about this stuff.

The decision was made to make NA more or less a totally different show from the original - there are the basic connections - He-Man is Prince Adam from the planet Eternia, son of King Randor and Queen Marlena, and sworn enemy to Skeletor of Snake Mountain. That's about it. Everything else is pretty much left in the past. He-Man, Skeletor and even The Sorceress's costumes change without any explanation. Even He-Man's iconic sword is changed. In retrospect, not a good move. But the age of the original He-Man had passed - his sales had declined significantly. Mattel figured by casting the futuristic barbarian in a more futuristic design and esthetic would appeal to new audiences. It may have worked had they not purged the entire franchise of all those iconic characteres that made the He-Man brand so great.

To old fans, it was a slap in the face. To new fans, well they were lost. Mattel didn't reboot the franchise for the new fans to pick up and delve into. The NA franchise was more or less codependent on it's predecessor, although it did everything to be nothing like it.

In Mr. Olesker's defense, he made due with the commands he was given. The show is more cohesive than the original ever was. We were never treated to an origin episode or mini series for He-Man in the original - we were just dropped in. The NA series had a definitive beginning and ending, showing He-Man's journey into the distant future as he joins forces with the Galactic Guardians to defend them against the relentless attacks of Skeletor, Flog and the Evil Mutants. He-Man learns more about his powers under the guidance of Master Sebrian and the Sorceress. The hero experiences homesickness, but stays true to his mission. The villain Flogg even comes to see the error of his ways in attacking the Galactic Guardians and the planet Primus, realizing that over the course of the series it was Skeletor that was manipulating and dragging out the conflict to advance his own devious goals.

What makes this show work in my mind is that it is one adventure - though a rather long one - that He-Man experiences in his career. It's a time travel adventure that many fans loose sight of. The main fan criticism is: How could He-Man just leave Eternia behind to go help Primus? And I've always held that with this being a time travel adventure, He-Man could easily return to his own time only seconds after he had left. Time travel stuff always gets tricky doesn't it?

New Adventures of He-Man has a hero's journey, and the characters do have development over the course of the show. However, there are the weak points - the annoying scientists, and a few other characters like the Mites and the Gleenons, meant to cater to the kiddys, and the departure of the show from the original. The show is watchable compared to the painfully plotless Voltron series for example, and deserves recognition in the history and story continuity of the He-Man franchise.

Those are my thoughts on the matter. I'd like to hear from you what your thoughts are about the New Adventures of He-Man and it's place in the Masters of the Universe franchise?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

He-Man Transformation sequences

Something about He-Man's original transformation still gives me warm fuzzies. Perhaps it's nostalgia, but the lighting and sound effects, and even John Erwin's voice always appealed to me.

Original Transformation
John Erwin voiced He-Man in the original cartoon. Filmation's simple animation style and use of lighting and sound effects makes this transformation sequence iconic, and one people refer to to this day.

MOTU: The Motion Picture
Dolph Lundren portrayed He-Man in the 1987 film. There was no transformation sequence due to budget restraints, thus the Prince Adam character did not appear. However, on two occasions in the film, He-Man "claims" the power. It harks back to the original, but falls a little short.

New Adventures of He-Man
New Adventures is a sequel series to the original. It sends He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor to the far future, thus the costume changes. Gary Chalk (known for playing Optimus Primal in Beast Wars, and Man-At-Arms in the 2002 He-Man) portrayed He-Man in this show. The transformation sequence seems rushed, and just doesn't carry the same weight of the original.

2002 Cartoon Snake Armor
Cam Clarke portrayed He-Man in this remake. Scaling Adam to a more logical 16 years of age, the transformation here is a major one. And though it is more dynamic and epic, the lighting seems to be more static, and the sequence just doesn't seem as captivating. Perhaps less is more...

This of course is my honest opinion. What do you think?

Smallville: Absolute Justice, is a two-hour episode written by Geoff Johns - writer of DC Comics' Green Lantern: Rebirth. The episode proves to me that there is a solid direction for the show to continue in, and how the show can be an enjoying experience, and just exciting to watch. Likely taking cues from the recent hit DC comic book film Watchmen, the episode is rich with material pulled straight from comics lore, and is also rich in dark tones as a superhero serial killer goes on the rampage. A lot of potential story arcs are set up with the introduction of the Checkmate and Suicide Squad organizations, and some revelations establish future story trails.

The tone of the Absolute Justice leaves one to ask:
What is the future of Smallville?
Will it become a show called Metropolis?
Will it spin off into a Superman film series?

I think there is a future there, but only time will tell the path...

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Transformers Stuff

According to and, Transformers is getting some fresh entertainment with a new animated series called Transformers: Prime. This new show marks a new chapter in the rather schizophrenic Transformers franchise (the changes in the franchise are MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE), as the door to the rather over-extended Revenge of the Fallen line comes to a close. Very few details have been revealed about this show, other than the fact that actor Jeffery Combs will be portraying the legendary Autobot Medic named Ratchet, and that the show will air on Hasbro's new network The Hub. The Hub is Hasbro's joint venture with Discovery Communications, and presently exists as the network Discovery Kids. The Hub will start off with a heavy focus on programming from Hasbro's extensive library of kids' entertainment. I would suspect that the success of the two Transformers movies, and the mild success of the recent G.I. Joe film has emboldened Hasbro to push further into the multimedia arena - now having a movie production wing and a television network to call its own.

We'll see...

There are only two Transformers series that I remember as having any true substance and staying power - The Beast Era (composed of 3 seasons of Beast Wars, and 2 seasons of Beast Machines) and Transformers Animated (the most recent Transformers cartoon series that had excellent character development and story, and was painfully short-lived). I hope Hasbro doesn't decide to do Transformers: Prime for a year or so, and then decide that the franchise needs to take yet another new direction.

I for one feel that the franchise is becoming far too over-saturated with new reboots, and reinventions. The core of what Transformers is is getting lost in this goopy soup of marketing/merchandising overload.

Hasbro, stick with one thing and find a creative way to keep it going for a few years, and allow your "audience" to get attached to the characters/figures for a while.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movies: Movies to see from Now through Summer

I reviewed Fandango, and here are the movies I plan to see in theatres this year:

The Wolf Man
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Alice in Wonderland
Clash of the Titans
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Iron Man 2
Prince of Persia
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Last Airbender
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Tron: Legacy
The Green Hornet

Though this summer doesn't look as heavy-hitting as previous ones when it comes to movie blockbusters, and highly anticipated flicks, I suspect there's going to be some sleeper hits. I've got hopes on Percy Jackson - we need a new Harry Potter movie series, don't we? And I'm placing bets on Clash of the Titans. What's on your list?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entertainment: Hilarious STAR WARS review

A couple of friends have suggested watching this Youtube review on a few occasions, and I finally got around to watching it - IT'S HILARIOUS! After watching the 70 minute review (there are 7 parts to this review - part one is below) of STAR WARS EPISODE I: The Phantom Menace, I was wanting more. Red Letter Media posted the review on Youtube, and also has reviews of some of the Star Trek movies and more.

The reviews, while being morbidly side-splitting, do offer thorough insight into how certain films fail to be spectacular. From character development, to story, to the whats and whys of how a movie successfully engrosses the audience, these reviews take you through the film from beginning to end pointing out inaccuracies, and failing movie logic.

I've taken screenwriting and creative writing classes in college - and though this doesn't make me an expert, these reviews would be great tools for educating as well as entertaining.

You can visit Youtube at the link below to see the Phantom Menace review:

STAR WARS: The Phantom Menace Review

There's also

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collecting: Additions to my She-Ra Collection I broke my figure-a-month rule by proceeding to purchase not one but two vintage figures for my She-Ra collection - it's an early birthday gift (it happens to be next week).

I already had She-Ra - I got her when I was a kid. Frosta was my first purchase for this year-long venture, and she happily stands besides The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe, ready to defend against invaders from the rest of the toy room they both look over. Click here to see the previous blog entry here...

Thank God for's the best way to complete this venture. Most of the items in the She-Ra action figure collection can be found there.

Sweet Bee was the first purchase. She hails from a race of bee-like people who venture to Etheria (the world She-Ra inhabits in her war against the Evil Horde) to find a new home (Sweet Bee's homeworld was destroyed when it's sun exploded). Unlike Frosta, Sweet Bee does catch the attention of She-Ra's twin brother He-Man, who develops a slightly noticeable crush on her.

The second figure was Mermista, the token mermaid character of the line. She is the princess of the underwater kingdom of Salineas. Her powers are derived from the Power Pearl, an artifact that is protected by the Salineans. She has control over the water, can convert from mermaid to human form, and can telepathically communicate with sea creature...very Aquamanish, don't ya think?

Entertainment: Green Lantern is Green Lit!

According to, Green Lantern will start filming in two months! I typically don't pay attention to all the hoopla that surrounds non existent comic book movies - a lot of time, it's just healthy rumor mill, or nothing truly etched in stone.

But an interview with Martin Campbell, director of the recent Zorro movies, and the two Daniel Craig James Bond reboot films, proves that this movie is on track - with Ryan Reynolds set to portray the Green Lantern...YES!

The approach of focusing Green Lantern on the character's intergalactic cop rendition is a smart move - setting it apart from previous comic book movies. This also opens up a whole galaxy to explore for a movie franchise.

I'm excited.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 Challenge is...

As a belated Holidays gift from my better half, I spent Saturday afternoon sifting through Ebay for some potential purchases. I went ahead and purchased an Adora action figure from the new Masters of the Universe Classic (MOTUC) exclusive toyline. It's the first figure from the line that I will be purchasing. The interesting thing is - she doesn't go on sale on (the only place you can purchase it officially) until January 15th. The toyline is so hot that some of the limited release figures sell out in less than a day - one is released every month, with a bonus figure thrown in every now and again.

One of the remedies to missing out on a figure is to have joined the mattycollector subscription club, but you have to pay for that every month. The other way is to go to third party vendors - the online stores that go in and buy the figures in bulk, mark up the pricing, and sell them to the ravenous customers that missed out on the first round. This is not always the solution - Mattel is controlling the distribution numbers of the figures to a degree that you won't find a figure anywhere...without having to pay some outlandish markup through a third party vendor.

I digress...I'm holding out on purchasing a lot of the MOTUC figures due to the simple fact that I've collected many of the characters in the original line, as well as the 2002 updated line. I'm looking for something new - ala the Adora figure. I love the line, and am very excited for it's continuation, but I intend to invest my dollars in building up an MOTUC collection with a focus on the Princess of Power (POP) and New Adventures of He-Man (NA) chapters of the line. Until these figures start showing up on, I am going to satiate my thirst for POP product by collecting the figures I never could as a kid.

Every month of 2010, I intend to expand my vintage Princess of Power collection by one figure. I am in no way planning to collect EVERY product from the line - I am not a completionist collector, and some products are of no interest to me. The core of this vintage collection will be:

First: the characters that appeared on the show
Second: expanding to interesting pieces that didn't appear in the show

January is Frosta - the Ice Impress of Etheria

She is the reigning Queen of Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snows, and is known to have an intense crush on He-Man, Adora/She-Ra's twin brother. She sends out blasts of ice, as well as turn things into ice.