Saturday, December 11, 2010

Are You OK with Bow Replacing Sea Hawk?

As Teela and He-Man were destined to be love interests, I always thought that Bow and She-Ra would be the same. Bow was essentially the "Teela Equivalent" in the Princess of Power toyline - maybe that's why the writers at Filmation wished to avoid the predictable route by creating a non-figure character to fill the role.

Granted, both the He-Man and She-Ra shows spent most of their time avoiding the romance theme, but enough insinuation was done to solidify the idea that Teela was He-Man's love and Sea Hawk was She-Ra's. I always thought that was wrong - especially when Bow is listed as "She-Ra's Special Friend" in the toy line.

Now with Bow's bio being released for the MOTUC line, it seems more likely that he will finally take his place as Adora's official love interest - especially with the fact that Sea Hawk is unavailable to the MOTUC storyline with him being a Filmation-exclusive character.

How do you feel about this?

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