Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrating 30 Years of Princess of Power

The 30th Anniversary of Masters of the Universe is here! The Masters of the Universe Classics line is going full force, and there's a lot of fun things happening with the line, and with the franchise, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary. Within the past couple of days, we've gotten a reveal of a San Diego Comic Con exclusive - Vykron, a character based on a concept that literally launched the Masters of the Universe toy line back in 1982. There's been a lot of heated debate about the figure, with many fans/collectors wondering if the MOTU 30th Anniversary is going the way they'd hoped.

Vykron and his 3 "battlesuits"
The MOTU 30th Anniversary will see a lot of merchandise being released by Classic Media and Mattel in the form of t-shirts, cell phone skins, comic books and more. Along with its standard 12-Month Subscription, Mattel has launched a companion line of subscription figures - totally new figures that are being released specifically for the brand's 30th Anniversary. There are also mini comics being released in 2012 to celebrate. Even still, fans wonder if what has been done is enough, and if the efforts actually celebrate MOTU's 30th.

Indeed, it is essentially too late to remedy the efforts that have been executed to celebrate MOTU, but there is still time to campaign and petition for an awesome Princess of Power 30th Anniversary. There seems to be little expectation for any recognition of POP's 30th in 2015 - since POP has now been effectively absorbed into MOTU. But there has been very little done to recognize and celebrate POP in the MOTU anniversary efforts. And so we as fans should push Mattel to celebrate Princess of Power in 2015 - show Mattel that there is interest. Following is a list of potential efforts that could celebrate POP in 2015:
  1. 2015 should have strong POP representation in the MOTUC line in all available slots - monthly, variant, beast/oversized, etc.
  2. SDCC and other Convention exclusives should be POP-centric in 2015.
  3. A comic book series featuring the MOTUC/200x version of the Secret of the Sword (She-Ra's origin story). This story has yet to be told.
  4. A DTV (Direct to Video) cartoon movie that features the POP cast, or an animated MOTUC/200x Secret of the Sword movie.
  5. POP merchandise
  6. A commemorative series based on the vintage action figures - packaged like the vintage line with rooted hair and soft good clothes.
  7. A "Then-And-Now" 2 Pack featuring a commemorative vintage figure packaged with it's MOTUC counter part.
  8. A commemorative series based on the vintage figures, but with sculpted hair and clothing - packaged like vintage MOTU and accompanied by Horde figures to commemorate the original cartoon series.
Spread the word! Let Mattel know that Princess of Power deserves celebration and recognition in 2015!


  1. Didn't the Princess of Power line debut in 1985? The 30th Anniversary wouldn't be 'til 2015 by my figuring...

    1. For the sake of being factual, I did a little more digging - and got some clarification: the figures were manufactured in 1984, and were distributed/debuted in 1985. I've adjusted this blog entry to reflect the distribution/debut year. Thanks for your imput!

  2. 2014 / 2015 doesn't matter. This needs to be addressed now!

    They should give us at least 3 POP characters as regular monthly figures, as well as a variant and a beast. The SDCC items should be POP-related too.

    1. Good point, about the SDCC items! I'll add that to this blog entry's list.

  3. It'll take years to plan it after all...

  4. Are those by your dolls and if you were willing to sell them how much would you sell them for?