Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Adventures of He-Man: Season 1 Episode 8

Glasnost Schmasnost
Written by Kevin O'Donnell

The stars over primus are in a strange formation - the Galactic Council sends a message to Master Sebrian. The leader of the Council hopes to end the conflict between Primus and Denebria. Skeletor plots to ask the council to protect Denebria from Primus - only to impede and distract the Galactic Guardians long enough to allow the Mutants to disable Primus's shields.

Skeletor and "Ambassador" Slush Head woo the council and the onlookers in attempt to convince them that the Mutants want peace. BH (Butthead) is introduced, and Skeletor commands him to take an attempt on Mara's life (in disguise), so that Skeletor can risk his life in front of all.

The council decrees that Primus and Denebria must exchange delegations in an effort to usher peace. He-Man, Hydron and Flipshot land in the Quagmi Swamp and learn of Skeletor's plan to take out Primus. Though Slush Head, Karatti and Lizorr fail at stopping He-Man, one of Slush Head's Quagmi pets disables SS Eternia's navigation and communication device. He-Man, however uses the Power to access an opening in Primus's planetary shields. Skeletor retreats but leaves a bomb that threatens the planet. He-Man uses the Power Sword as a grappling device to retrieve the bomb and fling it into the Mutant Mothership. The bomb detonates, flinging the mothership away from Primus, causing Flogg to halt his invading armada.

This was a good episode. It doesn't directly advance the overall series plot, but it does show the vulnerability of the political system that keeps the Tri-Solar system in check. Skeletor maintains his characteristic sneaky and duplicitous nature.

Appearing Characters:

Galactic Guardians
Flip Shot
Master Sebrian

Evil Mutants
Slush Head
Butt Head

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