Saturday, July 25, 2015

G1 Cartoon Continuity Clean Up #2

The Story of the Constructicons:

A faction of Cybertronians that had no allegiance to Autobot or Decepticon, construct bots focused on invention, building and repair planet wide. At the time, there was no true faction designation, they were mostly Consumer Goods descendants that did construction, repair and invention.

Megtron was born!
One group of like minded "construct bots" had taken a liking to the legendary gladiatorial games. One of the star players was difficult to beat in the arena, and had actually employed the bots to perform many of his upgrades. In a calculated move to undermine and destroy the charismatic fighter, a number of his enemies rigged a competition that led to critical failure of most of his systems. The construct bots spirited him away. Knowing he was close to oblivion, they performed experimental procedures that resulted in a total reformatting of the being. Upon his reactivation, the former gladiator designated himself as "Megatron", and vowed revenge.

The Robo Smasher and a hapless victim
Megatron was successful in methodically wiping out those who sought to destroy him. Having galvanized numerous allies in carrying out his goal, and realizing the power and influence that leadership brought him, Megatron turned his energy towards other campaigns. The construct bots that had repaired him had splintered in number - some remained close, the others distancing themselves. Having lost a number of his construction allies in territorial skirmishes, Megatron sought out the "defectors". He used a mind/spark bending device that was nicknamed the "robo smasher", a device that was actually invented by one of the more sinister construct bots, and augmented by Shockwave - a staunch supporter of Megatron's evolving cause. The robo smasher changed the defectors forever, making them resemble the military hardware genetic make-up, and thus more inclined to follow Megatron's rising Decepticon cause.

Working with Shockwave to improve a new experimental process, the Constructicons hunted down similar construct bots. Many died during the experiments, but the aggressive combiner process was perfected enough for Scrapper to finally apply it to his team. Devastator was born, and eventually destroyed the famed Crystal City - ultimately disgracing Omega Supreme and severely undermining the giant's participation in Autobot resistance.

The Constructicons performed the combiner process on thousands of bots - with mostly dismal results. The ability to combine would remain unique to Devastator for ages. The process was not perfect within the Constructicons themselves, and so Devastator was not a regular on the battlefield.

When Megatron elected to follow Optimus Prime on an energy searching mission in deep space, the Constructicons remained on Cybertron with Shockwave. Numerous weapons were worked on, along with bot-augmenting technologies like triple changing, smaller combining techniques, faster transforming configurations and more.

The Great Shutdown left the population of Cybertron in stasis for a greater part of 4 million years. Upon its reawakening, Shockwave sought out enemies to assassinate before they could awaken to resist him. Quickly moving drones into place, Shockwave immediately took control of the planet. Autobot pockets of resistance struck back viciously - the Constructicons were amongst the first of the casualties. Shockwave, detetmined to spare one of the greatest Decepticon assets, placed the Constructicons in stasis until a solution could be found.

From left to right: Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul,
Bonecrusher, Hook and Scrapper
When Megatron reestablished contact with Cybertron with the space bridge, he silently sent large shipments of energon to his facilities on the home world, and brought warriors, equipment and weapons to Earth to stave off Optimus Prime and his army. In a secluded subterranean facility - far away from the prying optics of the Autobots, Megatron brought the disembodied laser cores of the Constructicons to Earth, and rebuilt them all in new bodies. They experienced a period of "shell shock", but the resurrection process was successful. Devastator was improved, and became a true and consistent threat to the Autobots from that point forward.

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