Friday, October 12, 2012

New Adventures of He-Man: Season 1, Episode 3 Review

He-Man and the Galactic Guardians bring
Tri-Fusium crystals to the Scientists
The Heat - 
Written by Jack Olesker

The Scientists attempt to repair the Tri-Fusium generator at Titan. With it being in disrepair, the temperatures on Primus are already beginning to climb. He-Man and company arrive aboard S.S. Eternia with the crystals, but are soon called to the floating city of Leviton because of a Mutant attack. The attack was a diversion that allowed the Mutants to capture the Scientists - who are the only ones capable of repairing the generator. Slush Head brings the Scientists to Flogg and Skeletor.

Skeletor has set a trap for He-Man in the Quagmi Swamp on Denebria. He demands the Scientists to explain the nature of Primus's shield. U-R helps the Galactic Guardians track the Scientists to Slush Head's home region, the Quagmi Swamp. Finding the Mothership, they seal it off with a laser web. The Sorceress contacts He-Man telepathically to help him find a way through a debilitating dust storm - the Power Sword lights the way. Upon finding the Scientists, Skeletor sends the Mutants into battle, hoping to capture He-Man.

Skeletor & the Mutants prepare to attack
The Mutants agree to return the Scientists if He-Man deactivates the laser web. Keeping his promise, He-Man deactivates the laser web and returns to Primus with his allies and the freed Scientists.

Despite their habit of being rather annoying, and thus getting too much screen time at moments, the Scientists are shown to be a valuable resource in this episode. Skeletor flexes his roll as leader as he commands the Mutants into battle. Although he loses his edge when Flogg calls his troops off in the interest of saving his ship. Interesting character dynamics continue with the Mutants. And He-Man's beginning adventures continue with strong cohesion. We discover the city of Leviton on Primus, and the Quagmi Swamp on Denebria.

Galactic Guardians:
The Scientists
Master Sebrian

Evil Mutants:
Slush Head

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