Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Adventure of He-Man: Season 1, Episode 4

He-Man meets Grot
Attack on Onnor -
Written by Jack Olesker

The Mutants send Terrorclaws in order to find a route to the subterranean city of Onnor. Skeletor hatches a plan to use Werbin, an Inner Council representative, to totally disable the shield that protects the planet.

He-Man tours Primus with Caz, discovering the gardens of Primus. He meets Grot, head farmer of the gardens. The Mutants Karatti and Hoove attack in their Terrorclaw, but He-Man and Grot stand up to them.

Skeletor and Werbin
Skeletor meets with Werbin, and uses a magic amulet to control his mind. Werbin, in an attempt to convince the Inner Council to meet with the Mutants, decides to steal the key from the Vasionic Resonator. With the planetary shield down, Skeletor launches a two-pronged attack on Leviton (to destroy the key) and Onnor (to destroy the Inner Council).

The Scientists create an adhesive goo to help with defenses and block entry to Onnor via the surface access tubes. Werbin flees from Leviton as the Mutants attack. He draws the Mutants away from Leviton in the process. Skeletor tracks Werbin to a desert and moves to take the key from him. He-Man intervenes, but the Lord of Destruction unleashes a giant armored beast to distract his enemy. The Eternian warrior defeats the giant armadillo and uses the Bolo Jet to incapacitate Skeletor. He-Man rescues Werbin and the key, and Skeletor retreats to fight another day.
Skeletor taken out by the Bolo Jet

A pretty straightforward episode here, fairly run of the mill, and continues the ongoing narrative. We meet Grot for the first time, and view Nocturna, Kayo and Vizar in battle for the first time. Mara begins to question Adam's connection to He-Man, a trait that will continue throughout the course of the series. The Bolo Jet is featured in action. Werbin, who had appeared in an unnamed role in the first episode remains consistent in his characterization as a He-Man/Master Sebrian skeptic - which Skeletor uses to unfold the main plot of this episode.

Appearing Characters:
Galactic Guardians
Prince Adam/He-Man
Master Sebrian
The Scientists

Evil Mutants:
Slush Head

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