Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collecting: Additions to my She-Ra Collection I broke my figure-a-month rule by proceeding to purchase not one but two vintage figures for my She-Ra collection - it's an early birthday gift (it happens to be next week).

I already had She-Ra - I got her when I was a kid. Frosta was my first purchase for this year-long venture, and she happily stands besides The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe, ready to defend against invaders from the rest of the toy room they both look over. Click here to see the previous blog entry here...

Thank God for's the best way to complete this venture. Most of the items in the She-Ra action figure collection can be found there.

Sweet Bee was the first purchase. She hails from a race of bee-like people who venture to Etheria (the world She-Ra inhabits in her war against the Evil Horde) to find a new home (Sweet Bee's homeworld was destroyed when it's sun exploded). Unlike Frosta, Sweet Bee does catch the attention of She-Ra's twin brother He-Man, who develops a slightly noticeable crush on her.

The second figure was Mermista, the token mermaid character of the line. She is the princess of the underwater kingdom of Salineas. Her powers are derived from the Power Pearl, an artifact that is protected by the Salineans. She has control over the water, can convert from mermaid to human form, and can telepathically communicate with sea creature...very Aquamanish, don't ya think?

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