Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 Challenge is...

As a belated Holidays gift from my better half, I spent Saturday afternoon sifting through Ebay for some potential purchases. I went ahead and purchased an Adora action figure from the new Masters of the Universe Classic (MOTUC) exclusive toyline. It's the first figure from the line that I will be purchasing. The interesting thing is - she doesn't go on sale on (the only place you can purchase it officially) until January 15th. The toyline is so hot that some of the limited release figures sell out in less than a day - one is released every month, with a bonus figure thrown in every now and again.

One of the remedies to missing out on a figure is to have joined the mattycollector subscription club, but you have to pay for that every month. The other way is to go to third party vendors - the online stores that go in and buy the figures in bulk, mark up the pricing, and sell them to the ravenous customers that missed out on the first round. This is not always the solution - Mattel is controlling the distribution numbers of the figures to a degree that you won't find a figure anywhere...without having to pay some outlandish markup through a third party vendor.

I digress...I'm holding out on purchasing a lot of the MOTUC figures due to the simple fact that I've collected many of the characters in the original line, as well as the 2002 updated line. I'm looking for something new - ala the Adora figure. I love the line, and am very excited for it's continuation, but I intend to invest my dollars in building up an MOTUC collection with a focus on the Princess of Power (POP) and New Adventures of He-Man (NA) chapters of the line. Until these figures start showing up on, I am going to satiate my thirst for POP product by collecting the figures I never could as a kid.

Every month of 2010, I intend to expand my vintage Princess of Power collection by one figure. I am in no way planning to collect EVERY product from the line - I am not a completionist collector, and some products are of no interest to me. The core of this vintage collection will be:

First: the characters that appeared on the show
Second: expanding to interesting pieces that didn't appear in the show

January is Frosta - the Ice Impress of Etheria

She is the reigning Queen of Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snows, and is known to have an intense crush on He-Man, Adora/She-Ra's twin brother. She sends out blasts of ice, as well as turn things into ice.

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