Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entertainment: Hilarious STAR WARS review

A couple of friends have suggested watching this Youtube review on a few occasions, and I finally got around to watching it - IT'S HILARIOUS! After watching the 70 minute review (there are 7 parts to this review - part one is below) of STAR WARS EPISODE I: The Phantom Menace, I was wanting more. Red Letter Media posted the review on Youtube, and also has reviews of some of the Star Trek movies and more.

The reviews, while being morbidly side-splitting, do offer thorough insight into how certain films fail to be spectacular. From character development, to story, to the whats and whys of how a movie successfully engrosses the audience, these reviews take you through the film from beginning to end pointing out inaccuracies, and failing movie logic.

I've taken screenwriting and creative writing classes in college - and though this doesn't make me an expert, these reviews would be great tools for educating as well as entertaining.

You can visit Youtube at the link below to see the Phantom Menace review:

STAR WARS: The Phantom Menace Review

There's also

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